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The Best Baby Shower Gifts Give You and Your Baby a Head Start on Life
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Congratulations! You are about to be experience the joys of parenthood. Now your friends and family now want to celebrate by giving you a gift.

While every gift is from the heart, only you are in the position to know what would be most meaningful, what you would most value. Undoubtedly, you are nervous about becoming a parent and have a list of things that you need.

How can your friends and family help you the most? " Rainfall of Envelopes will help you politely ask for a gift of money that can be used toward what you really need — buying a crib or car seat, or saving for daycare or for college — then you should let your friends and family give you a money gift. Money never expires and you can use it to buy what you really want, when you need it, at the best price.

Don't fall into the trap of setting up a store gift registry for your baby shower! The items on gift registries are almost never discounted and are rarely what you need most. Users of Rainfall of Envelopes typically save 20% to 70% off their purchase because they buy items when they are on sale from discount retailers.

To get started, all you have to do is set up an event for free with Rainfall of Envelopes. Then, when you are asked where you are registered, you can say “Rainfall of Envelopes.” Your friends and family can then use Rainfall of Envelopes to buy you a gift of money with any major credit card or debit card, including those that pay cash back or offer reward points. All of the gifts are made directly into your PayPal account, so you never have to worry about the safety or security of your gifts.

When you register your event with Rainfall of Envelopes, you will also receive a free personal webpage where you can display a picture and describe how you will use the generous gifts. Your friends and family will appreciate that their gifts will be used toward something more meaningful than "another baby toy" or "receiving blankets.”

Give us a try now for free to see how it works with absolutely no commitment. Rainfall of Envelopes will only charge you a $1 transaction fee when you receive a gift.

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Oh, and don't forget the most important thing you can buy with the gifts you receive: thank you cards. After all, gratitude is a precious gift, too.