Rainfall of Envelopes does not charge you any fees to purchase gifts. You may use any credit card (including cards that give you cash-back or miles), debit card or PayPal to purchase a gift.

Event Owners.
Creating an Event. It is free to create as many events as you wish on Rainfall of Envelopes. You can use your free Rainfall of Envelopes page to provide guest information, post a picture, or offer a guestbook.

Receiving Gifts. Rainfall of Envelopes charges you a $1 transaction fee per gift received. When you receive a gift, PayPal may also charge you a small fee (typically 1.9% plus $0.30). Click here to learn more about PayPal's fees.

Rainfall of Envelopes is the most polite, easiest and least expensive way to receive a gift. With Rainfall of Envelopes, you will not need to worry about misplacing envelopes of cash or checks, and you will save money compared to any other gift registry by being able to purchase what you want, when you want it, and at the lowest cost.

Below is an example of how Rainfall of Envelopes is much less expensive than other gift registry options. This example shows all the fees and costs for an event that receives 10 gifts of $200 each.


Rainfall of Envelopes Saves You Money

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