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The Best Graduation Gifts Give You a Head Start on Your New Life
Create a graduation gift page to help friends and family support you in the most meaningful way they can.

Congratulations! After years of hard work, you've reached an important milestone, graduation. People who have encouraged you to follow your dreams now want to share your success and celebrate by giving you a gift.

While every gift is from the heart, only you are in the position to know what would be most meaningful, what you would most value.

Maybe you need the chance to start a new career with a little less worry about things like an apartment deposit or a wardrobe for your new job. Maybe additional schooling lies ahead, bringing excitement and opportunity, but financial uncertainty. For you, money is a gift of peace of mind.

Perhaps now is the time for that once-in-a-lifetime experience that you wish you could afford. Those who celebrate your formal education will also celebrate the learning that you can only do by experiencing the world first hand. For you, money is a gift of continued learning.

Maybe you just want to contribute to your community or support a charity, either as a volunteer or through your own contribution. For you, money is a gift that gives back.

All you have to do is register with Rainfall of Envelopes. When your friends and family ask about your plans for after graduation, tell them about your dreams and let them know that you are "registered at Rainfall of Envelopes." In just minutes, using the convenience and safety of their credit cards, they can give you a money gift online through our simple interface.

When you register, you will also receive a free personal graduation gift page where you can post a picture and let your supporters know how you intend to use their generous gifts. They will appreciate that their gift will be used toward something more meaningful. You can even link directly to your gift page from any other place you live in cyberspace, like Facebook, MySpace, your blog... anywhere.

Give us a try now for free to see how it works with absolutely no commitment. Rainfall of Envelopes will only charge you a $1 transaction fee each time you receive a gift.

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Oh, and don't forget the most important thing you can buy with the gifts you receive: thank you cards. After all, gratitude is a precious gift, too.