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You really have a nice thing going!! I've checked out a bunch of these websites over the last week or so, and I have to say, yours is the most visually pleasing, simple to use, and is extremely cost effective for us. So thank you, I appreciate what you've created!!
Ben B., Seattle, WA

Because my husband and I were moving from New York City to Oslo, it was very important that our wedding gifts didn't consist of items that were "large or heavy to transport overseas". Through a friend I heard about Rainfall of Envelopes, and immediately liked their concept. It was a practical, seamless, and extremely professional experience. And the customer service was excellent and punctual!
Letticia G., New York, NY

Loved it, great way to discreetly ask for money which is what all newlyweds really need!
Tory R., Del Mar, CA

This was the perfect solution for our wedding registry! We had a traditional Vietnamese wedding, in which the guests normally give monetary gifts. We knew that a number of our guests were not familiar with this tradition, and we didn't know how to let them know, so I chose Rainfall of Envelopes to take care of this issue. They had the best rates and it was a no-brainer to use.
Khanh L., Long Beach, CA

This is my third marriage. :) I certainly didn't need to ask for a new set of dishes. The service worked flawlessly.
Shane G., Boulder, CO

Very elegantly designed, making it an appropriate and dignified tool for receiving a cash gift for a wedding.
Sulaiman P., North Miami Beach, FL

I just used you for my destination wedding in the caribbean. Everyone was so happy to give a gift through Rainfall. THANK YOU!
Sylvia E., Bethesda, MD

Rainfall of Envelopes now makes it easy to both ask for that $70 bread and butter plate and cash for a honeymoon. Or you can register for a housewarming gift, a birthday present, or for any other occasion.
Steve R., New York, NY

I both registered with a store for the few things we really needed and registered with Rainfall of Envelopes for funds for the honeymoon. My guests were happy with the flexibility and we were thrilled with the results.
Shiela O., Miami, Florida

The Hispanic Committee of Virginia is excited to use Rainfall of Envelopes for its upcoming 2007 Annual Gala, which last year was attended by over 200 people including our U.S. Senators. We look forward to another great event. www.hcva.org
HCVA, Arlington, VA


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